20th Century & Nostalgia

It is no secret that almost all toys we play with during our childhood are made by adults. Those adults tap into their inner child to create what hopefully can help real children enrich their wonderlands, discover the reality of this world, have fun, connect and grow. Consequently, these toys sometimes also encapsulate how these adults see society and what has deeply mark it, would it be a remarkable scientific discovery or a dramatic war.

In this floor, we exhibit a large range of vintage tin toys from around the world and from different eras since the early 1920s.

Once you step in, you will immediately be immersed in the 20th century’s universe full of power, speed, discovery, war, steel, machinery, robots, circuses, etc. This will feel so nostalgic for some, and so new for others as plastic toys only came in since the 1950s!

You may be left curiously rethinking how today’s society and world events are shaping our children from their early age.

Diorama lovers will be fans of this floor as it boasts a corner with a large scale diorama model of the German Merck Lin Railroad. Please enjoy!

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