Art & Engineering

When Art, Artistry, and Engineering meet, we should just hold our breath and mesmerize!

The world has always had mechanisms that have been used for machinery and tools to help us with everyday tasks, and some to make us wonder, play, and enjoy. But all started with coil springs, cams, pulleys to combine simple movement mechanisms.

Surprisingly, even today, with all these newly created sophisticated machinery, the mechanism of ” moving things” is still basically the same. This “simple” mechanism is probably also “perfect”.

At Arima Toys Museum, we like to put the spotlight on the dramatic and aesthetic elements of this ” simple movement mechanism”. The exhibited Automata pieces will take the admirer into a world of harmony where the storyteller is the craftsman who is also the engineer. And you are the player!

Each automata “toy” will capture you through a unique theme that may vary from a hilarious scene, a dark joke, to romance!

Apart from modern automata from around the world, we invite you to rediscover some old traditional Japanese automata pieces, and of course the beautiful automata pieces made by ATAM founders Mr.Nishida and Mr. Kato!

Kids will enjoy this floor as much as you will do

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