Handwork & Traditions

This floor is where you can forget time and size, and dive in a world of beautifully made miniature of people, houses, life scenes and sceneries from real villages.

Mesmerizing dolls, animals, trees, ornaments, and toys made of warm wood and of all sizes are awaiting for you to read their stories and make them alive!

They have been made in the German Erzgebirge region for over 200 years, by the same families, with a unique potter’s wheel technic. They have been made with love, for generations, through transmitted traditions.

These are the toys that have been made in families and communities to connect people of all ages through warmth and genuineness.

  • Handwork & Traditions

    Handwork & Traditions

  • Simplicity & Playfulness

    Simplicity & Playfulness

  • Art & Engineering

    Art & Engineering

  • 20th Century & Nostalgia

    20th Century & Nostalgia